North Korean Missiles Are A Threat to Lives and Global Stock Markets

North Korea Missile Test

North Korea had a successful missile launch that has propelled the country’s leaders to the top of the news.  Before the successful missile launch, the North Korean government released a video of the country’s political and military leaders singing while there was a video that showed a nuclear strike on the city of San Francisco, California.  This begs the question about the safety of the U.S.

U.S. Defense System is not 100% Perfect

A U.S. defense official in January 2017 stated that their department deployed a sea-based radar to track long-range missile launches by North Korea.  This sea-based radar gives the U.S. the ability to know about any long-range missile activity within and around the Korean territory.  U.S. defense representatives also claim that they have a long-range missile detection and defense system that will shoot down any North Korean missile fired at the U.S.

US Missile Defense System

We are not aware of exactly how the defense system works but there is a serious flaw.  North Korea has shown the world up to this point that they are capable to sending a long-range missile 100s of miles of their coast.  If they can do this they can easily send one 1000s of miles to the coast of the United States.  They also showed the world that they are capable of detonating a nuclear warhead.  Basically, missiles in North Korea can be massed produced with nuclear warheads on top of them.

We are still searching for an answer as to how perfect the U.S. missile defense system is.  The LA times claimed that the U.S. missile defense system is not able to protect the public.  Here is why.  When there are 100s or 1000s of missiles in the atmosphere heading toward the U.S. the defense system will fail to intercept and destroy all of them.  This could be due to technical glitches, malfunctions, and missed targets.  Even if the U.S. defense system was 99% accurate that leaves the possibility of 1% of missiles entering in the U.S. territory.

North Korea has the capacity and ability to produce thousands of nuclear ballistic missiles and aim them at the U.S. and other countries.  This is not a matter of how but when.  We can only hope that U.S. intelligence is sharp enough to identify North Korea’s production of nuclear missiles.  We can only hope that if there is a nuclear missile deployment to the U.S. that none of the missiles reach us.

Nuclear Explosion

One Nuclear Warhead Too Many

One nuclear missile striking the U.S. is too many.  If a nuclear strike on the U.S. does occur the damage will be more than just physical.  Not only will millions of people lose their lives but there will be suffering from lack of water, food, and exposure to cold weather.  The nuclear missile will obliterate the water supply and the electrical supply in the area where the missile landed.

There will be blood in the streets as U.S. citizens who are unprepared go to closed banks demanding their deposits so that they can buy necessary goods and supplies.  Even if they were able to retrieve their cash their money will be worthless as banks will be closed and credit will be frozen due to a possible downed internet.  Citizens will watch helplessly as the stock market drops 5,000 to 15,000 on the DOW in one day.  We will have to go back to the old way of doing things temporarily.

Martial law, military take-over of the streets, starvation, dehydration, dead loved ones, and non-stop news coverage will be constant throughout weeks of mayhem.  We know what will happen to North Korea but the pain of being on the receiving end of a nuclear missile is something we do not want to experience.

Prepare for The Worst

If you are reading this you are probably prepared for an earthquake, tornado, or some other emergency disaster.  However, most of us do not know how to survive a financial disaster from a nuclear strike.  Yes, you do need water, food, self-defense, and protection from exposure.  However, you are NOT prepared for a financial disaster.  If there is a nuclear strike the stock market will drop to all time lows.  Paper assets like stocks and bonds will be out of favor.

About 50% of Americans have their investments in the stock market.  Very few Americans are invested in gold and silver.  Gold and silver should be a part of everyone’s portfolio as a diversification strategy.  Gold and silver will do extremely well if there is a nuclear strike since the stock market and the U.S. Dollar will drop to all time lows.  Gold and silver do well when the U.S. dollar performs poorly internationally.