Become a Camper

Camping is Not Just a Vacation

Camping is a part of our nature.  For most of us, our grandparents and parents brought us to camping get-aways to get a breath of fresh air.  Enjoying nature is a part of the great outdoors but not the only goal.  Camping is a great way to understand the necessities of everyday life so that you will be prepared when there is an emergency disaster.  Instead of your parents planning the trip, YOU have to plan the trip now.

Plan, Plan, Plan

When you plan for that camping trip, you are doing your family and loved ones a favor.  I recommend going out into the state parks with friends who have camped before.  Going alone is not a good idea at first because there are some things you should know.  A good example is, certain areas of state parks are restricted or bad areas that should be avoided.  Or some areas are known to have wild animals roaming that could pose a hazard to you or others.  Find a service, place, or other people to go with is a good idea so that you can have some peace of mind.

When you plan your trip you will understand what is needed to survive a disaster emergency.  When you realize that you need food storage, water, power, light, matches, tools, and a makeshift outhouse your survival IQ will rise substantially.  You now know that everyday wants and needs are something that has to be maintained by yourself, the water, electrical, and the waste company.

In the wilderness there is no mommy and daddy corporation that will take care of you by providing you service at a cost.  In the wilderness, money is only as good as it is worth.  When the city becomes a wilderness due to electrical, water, gas, and societal malfunction, your money is only as good as what it will buy.  Chances are the store shelves will be empty by the time you pull out your wallet.

Go and Enjoy Yourself

Your planning is done now.  You are now at the state park, hopefully at Yosemite national.  Some of the U.S. parks are the best in the world and provide heart stopping scenery.  Make sure to bring your camera and share your photos on Facebook.  But there is something that I want you to experience.  The life of a person that is vulnerable.  At most state parks there are wild animals roaming around and you will hear them from a distance when you are sleeping.  The experience at night of an unknown living being in the area that could harm you will increase your survival IQ tremendously.

Imagine being in a city where there is no police available.  A disaster just occurred.  Now looting and rioting begin.  Those animals in the distant forest in a city disaster emergency scenario could be your worst nightmare and potentially deadly.  If you can not sleep at night in the wilderness, I can understand.  I have been there too.  I start to sleep at about 6:00 am when the sun rises.  At that time, friendly campers are outside talking.

Animal attacks are very rare and you can bring something with you to defend yourself if you want.  Again, not going alone and with an experienced team of people is the best way to do it.  After one week of wilderness you will understand, partially, of how victims of Hurricane Katrina and victims of other similar disasters felt.  Reality is that FEMA, the military, and other non-profit organizations will not restore normality of life for about one week.

One Week Can Change Your Life Forever

In one week, your life could be altered and veer off into another direction.  To prevent this you must be PREPARED.  The camping experience should increase you and your family’s survival IQ to the point where an emergency disaster is just a camping trip.  Before I end this page I want you to relax after reading such scary things.  I remember when I grew up as a teenager I went to the movie theater to watch a hilarious movie called city slickers.  If you do not remember or know about the movie I will provide you with a link below so that you can learn more about the movie.  Hope you enjoy the movie because I will watch it too.

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