Food and Water Storage

When we think of food storage we tend to think of canned goods or stuff laying around in the fridge.  Stuff laying around in the fridge is technically food storage but the food is not in a condition to be used in case of an emergency.  In an emergency where the electricity goes out, the food in your fridge will be stale if not eaten in 24 hours.  Canned goods have a shelf life and if not properly monitored can be hazardous to your health.

Food Storage

The easiest way to tackle the food storage problem is to buy freeze dried foods that are available to eat once you add water.  Here are the options available:




















The above products are an easy way to store food and can cost anywhere from $90 to $140 and even more.  Campers love the easy food storage and regularly eat them when they go hiking.  All you have to do is add hot water to the packages and you have a meal.  But this is not the only option.

You can buy a canned food organizer rack and store all of your grocery canned goods.  Racks like the one above costs about $200 but the upside is you can eat your groceries and not have to buy dehydrated foods.  You can also build a rack out of wood for less than $200.  You can easily watch a YouTube video on the subject and build one in your spare time.  Just buy all of your canned goods, store, and organize them in a rack.  Make sure you know the shelf life of each can.  Shelf life of canned goods can range from two to five years.

There are even more options available besides the ones above.  You can buy and store MREs, space food, and even a bucket of oats if you want.  In my opinion, there is a better way and I will share that with you shortly.

Water Storage

Water storage requires maintenance every two weeks.  Water can become contaminated easily if the water is not supervised by a water treatment specialist.  You can go through a water treatment program at your local college or learn about the subject online.

There are easier ways than becoming an expert on water maintenance.  One is you can buy a water filtration bottle like LifeStraw Go.

Water filtration is a better method than to constantly maintain water.  Those who have a pool in their backyard know what I am talking about.  If you have a water filtration device like LifeStraw you can go to streams, lakes, and pools to get nourishing water in an emergency.

Another method is heating water.  The only problem with this method is that you are relying on the fact that the stove will be available in a disaster emergency.  Heating water does not get rid of the bad taste of the water or other contaminants.

I bet you that you did not know this.  Did you know that you HAVE a water storage tank in your home!  Yes, we all of have water storage and do not know about it.  Let me show you.

Toilet Tank

In an emergency when the water is out you can use the water in your toilet tank.  Just make sure you do not flush when the water is cut-off.

There is a better way than the stuff that I mentioned above.  Buying products and knowing how to use them is great.  You will have the convenience of having world-class products that will someday save your life and family members.  But I believe that learning survival techniques from the best is the better thing to do.  Like they say, if you give a man a fish he survives for a day but if you teach a man how to fish he will survive from that day on.

Learning from the best at survival is something you need.  Remember in our history class about how the United States began and how settlers traveled months across the great plains just to strike gold?  Well these men and women of the 1800s had the best knowledge and understanding of how to survive any emergency disaster.  They knew how to:

  • Build a food and water reserve
  • How to defend themselves
  • How to make superfoods that last them for days
  • Build a backyard smokehouse
  • Build a can rotation system
  • Grow and use the medicinal value of plants

These skills and more are not forgotten they are just stored in a book that can easily be drawn upon for help.  I guarantee that you will be impressed with The Lost Ways survival video below.  Before you start the video I want you to grab your pencil and paper for some important information.