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Product reviews can be found on multiple places on this website.

  1. You can go to the Survival Products tab of this website and click on the image of any product to get a detailed description.
  2. You can go through the posts on the front page of this website to see actual reviews of products that were purchased.
  3. You can click on the Product Reviews tab of this website to get more information on how certain products compared to one another

This part of the website is helpful because we will compare products to each other.  As you will notice when you place your cursor on top of Product Reviews, you will see top 5 and 10 lists that compare different survival products.

Top 5 and 10 Lists

Here is an example of a top 10 list when it comes to survival items.

Our top 5 or top 10 lists are similar to the video above.  In fact, the products mentioned in the video are listed on our website under the “Survival Products” tab.  Except the product information and recommendations that we provide are better in quality than the one in the video.

When we list a top 5 or top 10 product we will justify why the item is ranked in their order so that you can make adjustments if you disagree.  If you disagree you should always post your disagreement so that others can see and learn from your review.

Why are lists necessary?

Lists are a fast way to understand a topic without a boring and extensive explanation.  Lists usually are compact and to the point so that you, the reader, can understand the subject being studied.  If you would like to learn more about lists you can read more about them by clicking here.

Product Comparisons

Product comparisons with lists will focus on preventing death, injury, and discomfort with the following man-made and natural disasters.

Natural Disasters

  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Severe Thunderstorms
  • Fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Drought followed by famine
  • Volcanic Eruption

Wikipedia visual depiction of natural disasters.

Man-made Disasters

  • Nuclear Attack
  • Military-Like Attack (i.e. 911 World Trade Center Attack)
  • Biological Disaster
  • Abnormal Levels of Radiation
  • Abnormal Levels of a Toxic Substance in Drinking Water
  • Global Warming
  • Financial Disaster followed by Chaos
  • Car Accident and Breakdown
  • Chemical Attack
  • Oil Contaminants in Food and Water Supply (Oil Spills)
  • Major Technology Failure

British Petroleum Oil Spill (Gulf Coast of U.S.)

As you can see from the list above, the list of man-made disasters are larger than natural disasters.  In recent decades, the threat of man-made disaster has increased substantially due to rapid increases in technology.  Technological increases in the way we utilize energy, transfer of money, and power has political social leaders on the lookout for ways to prevent social chaos.  U.S. and global leaders are the brightest in the world but that does not prevent the possibility of some disaster.

You Should be PREPARED!

After seeing the above list you should be CONCERNED!  There are many ways that you could lose your life, limb, health, welfare, and money.  Survival tactics and strategies to survive a major disaster is necessary in our global society.

Watch global news daily and be an advocate of survival education.  A more educated public and persons in our society will eventually save lives when a man-made or natural disaster occurs.  Our global society is filled with persons that want to terrorize the public and we must be educated enough to point them out and report them.

The Lost Ways

There was a time in history when everyday survival education was the most important topic.  School children were taught how to farm and live within their means.  Now with our technology society we have lost our sense for basic needs.  Today we depend on others to do their job so that we can enjoy our life.

  • We depend on people from other parts of the country to supply our grocery store.
  • We depend on Arabic nations to supply us with oil.
  • We depend on other places to supply us with water.
  • We depend on others to give us accurate information such as the news.
  • We depend on our political and military leaders to do what is right for this country.
  • We depend on people in New York City and corporate America to handle our money.

Like they used to say in the old days, “You can not trust anyone but yourself.”  Depending on others to secure your life and liberty is setting yourself up for disaster.  Depend on NO ONE and be like those who depended on NO ONE but themselves to survive a time where there was no technology.  If there was technology these men and women would NOT trust it with their bread and butter.

There is no better book than The Lost Ways.  The Lost Ways teaches us valuable lifelong money time saving techniques that will last a life time.  Take out a pencil and paper and click on the banner below to learn more about the most valuable survival book that you will find.

The Lost Ways

One Week Could Change Your Life Forever

One week without

  1. Running electricity to power your refrigerator
  2. Clean water
  3. Access to YOUR money
  4. Social civility
  5. Communication with loved ones
  6. Food

will change your life forever.  You must break the cycle of dependency by learning survival skills that will empower you to live with the confidence that you will find a way no matter what the circumstances.  These survival skills should be given to your children so that your children can enjoy the same confidence and success in life as you.

Survival Poster

Remember DO NOT be a dependent on others and instead depend on yourself.  Empower yourself and have peace of mind that you are bulletproofed against any man-made and natural disaster.  Read our articles, pages, and posts to learn valuable information about recent news events, survival techniques, survival products, and gear.

Have a PLAN in place and start today.  Do not leave anything to chance.  Those who have been in a disaster before know that ONE disaster emergency that lasted ONE week changed their life forever.  By being here you are taking the right step in the right direction in taking over your life.  By being in control and NOT depending on others you will feel and BE empowered!