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Today, on this website we have a total of NINE free offers for survival gear.  We reviewed all of them and provided you with the most popular items on our website.  We encourage you to review all of the free and non-free offers on our website so that you can be empowered as to the survival products that are available on the market.  You can find the offers in the SURVIVAL PRODUCTS tab of our website.  Click here to go there now.

The ranking of one will be the most popular free product while the last will be the least popular based on website metrics.  Any free offers not mentioned on this list could become popular once our website metrics show that they are.  We will mention other free offers not in the TOP 5 at the end of the list.  If you would like to post your opinion you are welcome to do this by leaving a comment at anytime.

#1  Free Credit Card Knife

This FREE credit card knife is the most popular product on this website and in survival gear in general.  Out of all of the products this tool gets the most attention.  In general, people who have bought this product are happy with the usefulness of this tool and recommend the tool to others.  This tool is invaluable and fits in your wallet like a credit card.  However, please keep in mind that this tool can NOT be brought to the airport.  The airport detection system will detect the knife.

This knife is waterproof so you can bring it to any environment except of course the airport.  This convenient tool is sharp as a surgical knife and can cut through almost any tough item.

The protective hand guard also protects your hand from loose grips so that you will not have to worry about the blade slipping.  The knife also has a built in safety sheath to prevent accidents caused by an open blade in your pocket or pack, and even prevents the blade from becoming blunted during everyday carry.

Best of all the manufacturer of this popular item includes a Ultimate Survival Skills book for FREE.  You not only get a valuable tool that you can take with you camping, backyard, and outdoors but you will get survival education FREE.

Now we know why this tool is the MOST POPULAR free survival gear item on the market.  To watch a in-depth description and video about this item click here!

This little knife is no joke, it’s razor sharp right out of the pack and EVERYBODY I show it to wants one. The free one was cool, when will it be on the market so I can buy more?

-Larry LePort

#2 Free HyBeam Flashlight

Pocket flashlight that is better than conventional flashlights for FREE!

This flashlight is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum.  You can run over this flashlight with a car and the force of the car will NOT break it.  Best of all this flashlight is easy to carry and light in weight.

The flashlight can be used as a self defense tool.  See how the flashlight is beveled at the top.  You can use the top of the flashlight to strike someone in the head in a physical confrontation.  See video for more information on how to use the FREE HyBeam Flashlight – click here for video.

The product features a 3 stage switch with High, Low, and Strobe.  This product also comes with a patented bulb, that when placed on High, will produce a blindingly bright light.  Included with this flashlight is a Ultimate Survival Skills book for FREE.

Not only is this flashlight brighter and more compact than I thought, it is also pretty durable. This little flashlight has withstood several camping trips, which is a pleasant surprise for the price.

-Jason W

#3 Free Mini Tool

This tool has multiple uses and is convenient to carry.

This Mini Tool should be the most popular item due to the product’s overall usefulness.  The lack of popularity could be why the item is being offered for FREE.  So click on the image to learn more about this item and order today before the product becomes popular!

This mini tool is a surgical blade, screwdriver, can opener, and a multiplier.  If you do not know already, a multiplier is a tool that strengthens your hands so you never need to struggle to tighten something or snip a wire again.

Best of all this pocket-sized product fits into this simple, sleek tool that hangs from your keychain, belt loop, on your pack, or in your purse!  Included with this offer is the Ultimate Survival Skills book for FREE.

This mini-tool should go for around $29.99 but is FREE!  Click here to read the reviews on this product.

#4 Free Everstryke Waterproof Firestarter

This waterproof free product contains a ferro rod that can start a fire. Each match is capable of starting 15,000 long

Cool and convenient firestarter that is waterproof. You can’t lose here.

burning strikes.  This firestarter has an O-ring to prevent the evaporation of lighter fuel.  This O-ring proves that this product is superior to a Zippo that can run out of fuel on evaporation of fuel alone.

Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees and flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit giving you a hot enough environment to cook food, boil water, burn wood, and to keep warm.  This FREE Everstryke Waterproof Firestarter gives you the power to start a fire whenever and wherever you want.

This top-of-the line product also includes the Ultimate Survival Skills book for FREE!  Click here to see what everyone is saying about this revolutionary new lighter!

Your life could depend on a durable, strong, gassed up, and compact firestarter that can fit in your pocket.  Click on the image to the right to learn more about this FREE product.

#5  Free Military – Grade Strikepen

This self-defense tool is AMAZING. This tool is a must!

Lightweight, powerful, deadly – there’s a reason the Secret Service and US Special Forces carry a tactical strikepen. This discreet self-defense tool puts confidence in your pocket, knowing you have the safety of a purpose-made instrument at your fingertips.

You can get this precision crafted alloy strikepen for free. Yes, FREE! Click here to just pay a small fee for shipping while supplies last!

This strike pen is made out of precision milled alloy body so that you can be assured that this weapon will be strong enough to last a LIFETIME.  The design of the pen was put together by expert engineers so that it can fit in the comfort of your pocket and be discreet enough so that no one would notice that you have the pen.

The engineers that built the pen designed the pen so that you will have the best grip possible while using the pen.  Making the pen difficult to slip out of your hand or use the pen in an unintended way.

The pen has an unusual head.  The head of the pen was designed to collect DNA just like secret service and US special forces.

This pen is just as it is described.  A pen that is a joy to write with.  Best of all you get THREE survival books FREE!

Survival Book One:  30-Day Survival Training

This invaluable guide explores the primary survival essentials: shelter, food, water, fire, self-defense and more. Learn how to stay prepared and stay alive!

Survival Book Two: Wild Scavenger Training

Whether adventuring for fun or surviving a true disaster, there is no more valuable skill than being able to live off the land. This guide to Wild Scavenging will give you the skills to survive in the wild when it matters most.

Survival Book Three: Plan B Defense Training

You better have Plan B when your life is on the line! Learn the essential moves and techniques you need to know when an attacker is upon you.

I got my pen in the mail and I was impressed with the design.  I hope I never have to use the pen as a weapon but the pen gives me peace of mind that it can be used for self-defense.  I appreciate the Free survival education that came with the pen. Thank you.

-Jason W.

Popular FREE Survival Gear that Did Not Make The Top 5 List

FREE Hybeam PopLamp

Ultra Bright – Genuine 1 watt YAG bulb puts off an intense 300 Lumens.  Bright enough to light an entire room!

This light source will take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Small and fits in your pocket for FREE!

Hybrid Light Source – With a simple twist, the PopLamp transforms from an ultra compact LED torch into an incredibly bright and efficient lantern.

SOS Signal and Strobe – With the push of a button you can call for help with the international distress signal, and the eye catching strobe is designed to alert others where you are.

Ultra Light and Compact – At just 4 ounces, this travel friendly design goes anywhere and everywhere you do so you are never caught in the dark.

Weather Proof – Rain, sleet, or snow, the PopLamp will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it.

There is also a BONUS!  Click HERE to see BONUS!

FREE Emergency Survival Blanket

Survival Blanket

Also known as space blankets.  Originally designed by NASA for space exploration.  Emergency Survival Blankets help retain 90% of body heat and are great for go-bags, in your car, or any type of outdoor activity.

So many uses…

  1. Keep in your cars, outdoor sports events, on vacation, camping, hiking, etc.
  2. Use as shelter or to cover wet ground.
  3. For extreme cold conditions, use within sleeping bag or tape to sides of tent for extra warmth.
  4. Signal for help.  Use the blanket’s reflective properties as a giant signal mirror for search aircraft.
  5. Use it to collect rain water.

Helps retain 90% of body heat

Protects from rain and elements

Protects from sun exposure

Reflects sun’s rays and provides shade

GET YOURS TODAY!  Click here.

FREE RECIPE for Survival Food

One overlooked aspect of this website is that visitors do not click on the banners to get free and useful information.  One banner that gets fewer attention than the FREE survival gear is THE LOST WAYS.  The survival presentation is one of the best presentations that is given by experts in survival.  The banner looks like this.

The video is worth watching. You should learn what your great-grandfathers did to survive.

Click on the banner above and you will find the presentation to be entertaining.  At the beginning of the presentation a person will give you valuable information about a superfood that British soldiers during WWII used to survive and lasts 50 years.  Again, I found this information to be valuable.  Before you click you should have a pencil and paper handy.


Products, like the ones mentioned are very useful and in some cases save lives.  However, in my experience, survival education is the best product to purchase.  Like they used to say in the “Old Days”, you can give a man to fish for a day but if you teach a man to fish he will fish for a lifetime.  Some of the skills learned on this website and the links to video presentations are important because the knowledge will increase your survival IQ.

Chances are you will have a threat to life and liberty throughout your lifetime.  You will need to draw upon your survival IQ to make it through the toughest days of your life.  Remember, one week of disaster emergency could change your life forever.

Join the educated survival crowd who have saved $100s if not $1000s on their grocery bill through survival education.  For example, people who have bought Backyard Liberty know about the amazing grocery savings that you can have from knowing how to set up a simple fish and vegetable garden.  You can find survival education material on the face of this website and in the Survival Products tab.

 Your journey to lifetime survival and money saving techniques start with